10 Tips From CEOs For Working From Home Effectively and Happily

10 Tips From CEOs For Working From Home Effectively and Happily

10 Tips From CEOs For Working From Home Effectively and Happily: According to Paul Statham, CEO of Condeco Software Application, Coronavirus has accelerated the pace of work from home, and this was already happening in many companies and organizations; According to a report by Modern Workplace 2019, 41% of employers now provide some form of remote work.

Digital technology has empowered companies to arrange some flexibility for workers at work, and this means that – even in the deep of a global crisis – companies can achieve low-impact productivity in a safe secure, and synergetic manner.

Threats to businesses come from many areas, but those companies that are using technology to actually increase their productivity – including the ability to hold virtual meetings over the Internet, or reserve offices, workspace or meeting spaces from a remote location – will find it easy to go beyond this. Chaos.

Nearly 14 years as a marketing manager for a sports company am remotely working from home, and my priority while launching my marketing and PR agency has always been: educating people on how to live delighted and healthier lives, through games, good diet plans, behavior, and communication.

I think the balance between work and personal life is difficult. So I find ways to cross it all, with some boundaries.

Apart from changing sleepwear in the morning, and learning how to use the mute button for calls, here are three tips that focus on healthy work habits for me:

10 Tips From CEOs For Working From Home Effectively and Happily

1. Work standing:

This will help relieve lower back pain and improve health, as in this way you avoid pressure on the vertebrae of the spine. But this does not mean that you have to stay standing all day, but that you can move around your home, and I do not mean that you just go to the refrigerator; So make sure to find times to sit throughout the day, push your shoulders back to sit in a good position, and move around the house to be inspired by creativity, stay in comfortable positions, see multiple sights, and hear different sounds.

2. Take a walk during meetings:

If you have a phone call that you don’t need to be in front of a computer to receive it, put on your headphones and go out for a walk. This is good for your muscles, heart, overall happiness and well-being.

3. Prepare food and snacks:

I was often involved in a scenario such as “I have nothing to eat”, but in reality, you do not need complicated meals; So just make sure to have a refrigerator full of fresh fruits, vegetables, boiled eggs, or proteins like chicken breast, tuna, or anything you like.

You can be creative in establishing eating habits to “nourish the brain” and boost productivity.

For those who are new to working from home, here are seven other tips featured by CEOs – whom I communicated with via e-mail – to boost the productivity of their business and their teams as much as possible:

4. Apply the results-based work environment (ROWE) mentality:

Tim Jones, CEO of Precision Nutrition, a company that specializes in online healthy lifestyle training, applies a results-based work environment (ROWE) mentality.

ROWE stands for Results-Only Work Environment, and Jones promotes it because it helps remove managers’ concerns about employee productivity.

5. Know that there is nothing wrong with mixing work and personal life:

Terry Traut, CEO of Entelechy, a company that develops leadership training and customer experience programs for companies, is urging people to go with the tide and try to reduce the rigors in the separation between work and personal life.

(Trout) explains: “Instead of trying to force yourself to be productive when you are not, or relax when thoughts spin in your mind, you just have to go with this current. So don’t feel guilty if you wake up at 3 in the morning to document an idea.” Wonderful; not because you walk in the park in the morning, because you will find yourself more productive and happy. ”

6. Define and prepare your technique strategically:

Working from home can mean interfering with the activities and schedules of other family members; This is why Andrey Khusid – CEO of Miro platform – encourages having multiple devices enabled with all business applications, as this helps you to be as flexible as possible.

“For complex and collaborative businesses, you can connect your laptop to a large screen, so you can easily switch between video trading tools, chatting, project management, and the dashboard,” says Khusid. You can also rely on your tablet or smartphone – with The presence of a large capacity battery and a web camera – for quick responses from the apps Slack or Zoom on the go. ”

The Khusid Group includes the following technology:

  1. Zoom video conferencing app.
  2. Slack chat app.
  3. Confluence app for indoor use.
  4. Miro app for formulating ideas, planning strategies, projects and presentations.
  5. Google Suite for spreadsheets and simple documents.

7. Enjoy with your colleagues:

DJ Haddad is a father of four and CEO of Haddad & Co., a full-service creative agency that employs more than 65,000 people and has worked with global brands such as Microsoft and Capital One. (Capital One), Citibank, Barclays, JPMorgan Chase, Sallie Mae, HBO ).

DJ Haddad has a slogan that states not to take himself seriously. He says: “I am fortunate to work with the greatest team on the planet. We have all become friends in some way, and we created these wonderful connections remotely through the Microsoft Teams app.” We joke, we make fun of each other, we share pictures of a high school prom or vacation pictures, and we talk directly while watching the Oscars; just like in a real work environment, where we have group conversations for everything, such as the book club The employees are with their children, without their children, competitions, etc. This makes it easier for us to have a good time and chatting friendly and intimate throughout the day.

8. Convert your commute time into a rest time:

John Fitch and Max Frenzel, co-authors of Time Off Book, suggest we calculate the amount of time we normally have to travel and convert it into a time of time.

It is time for you to separate from your work, so instead of starting your day with nervousness about getting to somewhere on time, use that time in relaxing rituals that keep you in a calm and clear state of mind, or invest it in ending your day; So as not to form a night work habit.

The authors explain how this commute time can be a time to separate work and leisure time at home.

9. Eliminate the sources of distraction and set a timetable for them:

What are the distractions around you?

Nettie Owens, the professional organizer of chronic anarchy and founder of the Momentum Millionaire Network, tells us; To take distractions into account, and plan to act with them. For example: Is noise a problem in the home? If this is the case, noise-canceling headphones are necessary.

Set a schedule for informing your family of your work times, for example: working from eight in the morning until noon, then taking a break for lunch. ”This will help ensure focus and eliminate distractions. Additionally, you may need to prepare some organization for the family to do certain activities.

Is social media a distraction from work? If so, download an app that blocks social media during business hours.

Also specify times to eat snacks to avoid feeling hungry, plan to do housework after work, and determine the amount of time that you will devote to these tasks.

10. Try the Zero Calendar (the time not scheduled in the calendar):

Cathryn Lavery, co-founder, and CEO of BestSelf Co believes that while working remotely, zero calendars is the right path, and that means calculating every minute of your day to help you stay on track your progress and monitor your progress.

Lavery explained that you don’t need to skip your favorite activities using the zero calendar, you just need to make sure that you schedule them for a specific period of time, and that way you won’t have to cancel activities that you enjoy doing due to lack of time.

Working from home gives you flexibility and excitement, and opportunities to create healthy habits while working productively.

Services such as Slack, Zoom, Trello, and Basecamp will continue to help us operate more effectively as teams; So make sure to go out and meet people face to face when possible, and follow a lifestyle in which you can conserve your personal time. Especially family time, such as dinner gatherings and the evening routine.

10 Tips From CEOs For Working From Home Effectively and Happily


Muhammad Bahaudin is much cooperative and experienced person working since 2014 in the digital world. His inventive ideas boost the company in all in the developers or service producers world.

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