12 Free Programs That Will Make Your Life Easier

12 Free Programs That Will Make Your Life Easier

There are many useful free computer programs and websites that many people do not know, but after reading this article and getting acquainted with it, we hope that the time you spend in front of the computer screen becomes healthier and more productive and that you manage it more easily.

1). Bitrix24:

Bitrix24 is a free, multipurpose program designed for companies with as few as 11 employees. This program allows you to create your own social network and the free version allows you to manage communications, tasks, projects, appointments, files, documents, and the relationship with customers.

2). F.lux:

Do you know that you should not sit in front of screens and not expose to blue rays at night if you want to sleep well?

(F.lux) the program can help you with this if it automatically detects approaching night and changes the intensity and color of the light emitted from the computer screen.

I have been using the program for a year now and I really recommend it to you.

3). RescueTime:

RescueTime sends you weekly reports about your time on the computer, and it’s great for people who enjoy watching stats.

You can modify the type of activities that you want the program to include either in the list of productive activities or in the list of distracting activities. With the help of RescueTime, my productivity has increased by 10% while I’m sitting behind the computer over the past year.

4). Boomerang:

Do you want to look like a hard-to-reach person by waiting for a while before responding to someone, but are afraid that you will forget to respond if you wait too long?

Visit the (Boomerang) website and set a date, and the appointment will be automatically scheduled.

And if you use Gmail, you can download a copy of the Boomerang app, which will help you schedule personal emails and reminders. It’s cool that the app tracks the connections you want to have with people and reminds you if you forget them.

5). WiseStamp:

WiseStamp is an easy way to make sure your emails look professional, and to ensure that recipients always read them.

WiseStamp allows you to create an electronic signature, and provides you with many options, as you can either make the signature appear automatically, or you can activate it in the email you want your signature to appear on.

12 Free Programs That Will Make Your Life Easier

6). Microsoft OneNote:

(Note: This program is free only if you have (Microsoft Office), and without that the program will offer you a trial period of one month, and after its expiration, you need to pay a monthly fee.

(Microsoft OneNote) allows you to keep all kinds of information from text, graphics, pictures, any items you want to copy and paste, etc. You can create specific tabs and diaries in which you can keep all the information in your life in organized sections that are easy to control.

OneNote is my favorite program in which I save notes and put all the information I see. Taking notes is a great way to quickly learn things and make you a more creative person.

(OneNote) can only be used to sync computer files and phone files with some smartphones.

7). EverNote:

(EverNote) is another program for keeping notes, and it is available on all computers and smartphones, and unlike (OneNote), (EverNote) is completely free and only needs to be downloaded.

I personally prefer OneNote because I think it looks a lot nicer and is faster and easier to use.

8). Firebug:

Firebug is the best friend of any aspiring website designer, as the program allows you to see how any website is designed by allowing you to see the CSS and HTML codes in it through a small window.

The picture below shows you what that window looks like when you use the program on a site:

In this example, I specified the title, so this allowed me to see the type of font used and other details about the site.

9). Alexa Toolbar:

Alexa is the best free program that allows you to see how popular a website is, as it allows you to see the ranking of the site you are visiting at the level of the world and the country in which it is located.

Although (Alexa) is not completely accurate, it deserves the confidence and is very useful for anyone who wants to know the popularity of a website.

If you are a blogger, for example, you will not want to publish your blog posts on a low-ranking site, but you probably won’t waste your time on that if you use the Alexa toolbar.

10). Fiverr:

In this case, you should go to (Fiverr), as you will get many very useful offers if you know what to look for. Fiverr is also a great place to learn some basic delegation skills without taking too many risks.

The last time I used Fiverr was about three weeks ago, to get help designing a poster I needed to give a presentation on L’Oréal at the Business School.

And you can also buy more expensive services (utility programs) for about $ 5.

11). epub reader:

(EPubReader) allows you to read books that appear in the browser.

In this case, I am linking (ePub) with (Mozilla Firefox) browser because it is the browser I use, but you can link it with other browsers as well.

12). Unroll:

(Unroll) is an e-mail program that saves you time and allows you to group your subscriptions into one e-mail, to which you can quickly unsubscribe.

12 Free Programs That Will Make Your Life Easier


Muhammad Bahaudin is much cooperative and experienced person working since 2014 in the digital world. His inventive ideas boost the company in all in the developers or service producers world.

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