4 benefits for those who wake up at five in the morning every day

4 benefits for those who wake up at five in the morning every day: We all read articles about people claiming that getting up early was the best option they made, and I recently wanted to make sure of it myself; So I spent an entire month waking up at five in the morning every day. Although waking up early like this was difficult at first, I adapted to that quickly, and the biggest challenge was: going early to bed, as you can go to bed every night at ten in the evening and wake up seven hours later, to ensure Getting enough sleep and energy to start the next day’s day; The hardest part of the challenge was that I used to sleep in the middle of the night, or at two in the morning.

1- Morning is the best time for work:

Remember how often during a workday you use electronic devices to check your social media accounts. Doing this is one of the most important distractions, and although you can make a commitment to yourself to stay away from your phone and email while at work – something some people succeed in doing – it is very difficult to do so when you have urgent responsibilities, You may need the phone if one of your children becomes ill while at school, and you may have to use e-mail to respond to important messages.

Such messages and sources of distraction are not present at 5 AM; Therefore, this is the best time to work away from these sources, and within three hours you can accomplish a considerable amount of tasks. I have found that while many people wake up, I accomplish more tasks than I have been doing during the whole day before, and I have also realized how precious a focused effort is, as it is so wonderful to be able to focus all of your attention on the task you have been doing for so long Time.

2- Spending more time with yourself:

People usually set aside some time in the evening to be alone, but this is not an easy task because there are many sources of distraction at night. There are always beautiful sports matches at this time, and at this time also friends and dear people gather to go out together; While I am exhausted at the end of the day.

Moving this period of self-isolation to the morning periods has given me a greater opportunity to do the things that I want to do, as it weakens me in reading, exercising, and keeping up with the news. With no sources of distraction in the morning, I was able to spend my time the way I wanted.

Allocating this time in the early morning will give you energy for the whole day. This has made me focus more attention on the tasks that I perform, and have become less preoccupied with the responsibilities entrusted to me. In the past, I used to wake up distracted and race to work, and this did not leave me time to think about the next hours of the day and the tasks that I want to perform. The morning commute has guaranteed me greater productivity and a lot of anxiety away from me.

3- Limiting time-wasting in the evenings and on weekends:

I admit that getting up at five in the morning changed my social life, as I became less inclined to go out on the weekends, and less participation in activities that were held late at night; However, I continued to spend a lot of time with others, but I started to spend it otherwise. During the day and weekends, I can do whatever I like, and after I am back from work tired during the week, as I have a few hours that I can spend however I want.

This was a healthy change, as it made me full of energy, through a sense of relaxation and doing things that I enjoy, instead of staying until two in the morning in cafes and clubs; I have also seen that the time I waste on weekends and at night is much less. For me, productivity drops sharply at a certain time of the day, and that time was between 10 in the evening and 2 in the morning, and I didn’t accomplish anything much during the night.

When you start a job, it is very important that you determine what are the best times of work for you.

Now I spend this time my productivity collapse asleep, working during the hours when I’m much productive. Although the amount of time I settled at work, and the amount of extended time I spend in recreation, has not changed radically; However, the amount of ability I earned during the two times changed, as I became much productive on the exercise and became more relaxed during my relaxation time.

4- Sleep better:

When I wake up at five in the morning, the day does not end unless I feel exhausted when the night comes and it is time to go to bed, and as a result, it becomes easier for me to fall asleep. Because I no longer feel that I have to work before going to bed.

It was much more difficult to fall asleep when I was trying to relax right after reading a large number of emails or finishing a task. Now, I am able to relax, and I wish I had previously been able to relax like this at the end of the day.

The total number of hours I spent sleeping this month was less than in previous months, but I feel better, and I think the most important reason for that is sleeping deeply, as I monitored my sleep through several applications and used several sleep applications and tools.

4 benefits for those who wake up at five in the morning every day


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