5 Best Project Management Tools For The Website

5 Best Project Management Tools For The Website: We use task management apps to verify things completely done and generate a report regarding time duration and bugs. To keep analyze of events, we use calendar type apps. The main question is what we need to handle projects with different team workers? Even if you have to perform your task from home due to any particular problem, emergency, or lockdown situation, you need to use powerful task management applications to keep track of every assign project detail to get a good outcome. Trying project analysis or management tools online is an easy way to start it.

Task management apps aren’t limited to managing teams and did not fully satisfy the system requirements. You can use project management apps for your respective projects as well. In this context, we will talk about the most efficient or important of these applications used for project management in the office.

The preference for selecting one software solution over the other can sometimes be complicated. It relies on the team members, the price you are willing to pay for each employee, your requirements, the mobile application experience, and more.

We’ve hand-picked the five excellent project management apps available on the web. We’ll explain its features, sharing possibilities, price, integration with third-party apps, Theming Engine, cross-platform availability (Windows, Android, IOS or Mac …), and more.

1. Trello:

Trello is the program that is best suitable for small businesses and startups. If you want to analyze project management at the early stage, start with the Trello.

The program uses a Kanban-style user-interface to check progress and workflow. From the Trello homepage, you can build a board and add a related segment to it. Then you can add the cards to the related departments and tag team members if necessary.

While adding a card, you can add more details like due date, attach a screenshot, checklist, feedback, cover change, and tag a team member to have a great look.

2. Asana

Asana is more streamlined and gives better project management command than Trello. But it is not convenient for tracking personal or individual projects.

On the Asana home page, you can design a project, add a description to it, suggest team members to join it, and then you can start efficiently. Besides the primitive kanban-inspired template, the program supports many other built-in templates for tracking overall progress quickly.

Asana project management software

In every template, Asana provides the latest status update, which gives the admin an overview that enables him to announce important news to team members about projects. There are two important features in Asana:

Timeline: With Timeline, Gantt charts can be created in a few minutes to get a better view of project progress and overall update.
Workload: The workload allows you to see the number of hours each member of the project has spent.

Task automation is another interesting addition to Asana. Task automation allows you to create custom rules with the help of tags. For example, while adding a task related to the user interface, you can add the “Design” flag and the task will be assigned to the design department automatically.

Asana project management software

3. Notion:

This San Francisco startup gained popularity in no time due to its modular approach. The notion is not just used for project management. The notion can be used to build a personal Wikipedia, build a habits tracker, track subscriptions, a personal workspace, and much more. Notion software is packed with tips and tricks. You will need to save the keyboard shortcuts to easily navigate the available options and settings in Notion software.

The most unique thing about Notion is the templates. You can customize a template to get things done. You can use templates to increase productivity, manage projects, and more.

You can use a Kanban-style template to get started with Notion. While selecting a task, you can add tags, team members, attach a picture, add a comment, and much more to that assignment.

Notion Project Management Program

4. Coda:

There is another standard production tool is called CODA. It is a much active and fast “Google Docs” editor. You can use it as an alternative option to Google Sheets as well. Similar to Notion, Coda depends on a drag-and-drop functionality to create a workspace for users.

The app depends heavily on already built-in templates. All you have to do to using the program energetically is to create a document, then push the “+” sign, and go to the “Templates” option. Select the “Working Remote” section or the “Project Management” section from among the existing templates and add them to the document. You can choose from a range of options such as Gantt Chart, Team Goals, Content Calendar, Project Brief and more.

While adding a task in the project, you can add details to it such as comments, attach a picture, tag someone, and more.

5. “Monday.com” (Monday.com):

Monday.com (Monday.com) also uses more than 100,000 organizations in the whole world, Monday.com is one of the excellent project management apps out there. The program effectivly puts all relevant data into the visually updated homepage.

While designing a project, one can add as many columns as possible with numbers, status, account, and more. You can also change to Gantt’s view and edit with the Status button, and even mention a team member (Tag).

Monday.com (Monday.com) supports hundreds of third-party apps to provide a seamless management experience. You can also set Autoplay rules (Rules) to inform relevant team members.

Monday.com outperforms its rivals when it comes to graphics and visualization. Monday.com provides a set of charts to get a clear look at a project or campaign managed. Prices for subscriptions to “Monday.com” (Monday.com) start at $ 40 for five members, equivalent to $ 8 per member per month.

Monday.com Project Management Program

5 Best Project Management Tools For The Website


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