5 Tips To Get Rid of Mobile Phone Addiction – Mobile Impacts on Life

5 Tips To Get Rid of Mobile Phone Addiction

Perhaps addiction to using mobile phones is not an officially recognized type of addiction, as the idea of ​​not owning a mobile phone is an impossible proposition for many people today. And with our increasing reliance on cell phones to communicate with others, organize time, and verify information; It might seem hard to get by without it.

For many people, browsing mobile phones has become a new way to face the social complexities of modern life, and using these devices has become a way to avoid disturbing situations. We hold our phones in our hands in order to avoid paying attention to other people that we do not want us to care about in the first place, and because it has become a way to meet a potential life partner, or to obtain constant compliments by writing posts on the Internet and searching for “likes”.

However, the excessive use of communication devices may affect your interaction with real-life relationships and experiences, and may cause aches and pains, and may lead to sleep disturbance. The frequent use of phones may also lead to addiction to the Internet in the event of a permanent connection to the network, and the inability to turn it off.

5 Tips To Get Rid of Mobile Phone Addiction - Mobile Impacts on Life

How to get rid of cell phone addiction and focus attention on the moments of the present?

So what should you do when you want to move away from your phone and find that difficult? Follow these tips:

1. Conducting face-to-face meetings:

Whether these meetings are for work or for fun; Arrange meetings in person rather than relying on text messages or talking on the phone, and replace the mobile phone for in-person conversations.

If you have news that you want to communicate to a friend that you know you will see later in the day, resist the urge to inform him of the news via text message, or by posting it on Facebook; Instead, wait until you see your friend, and then verbally tell him the news. This will prevent your verbal and social skills from deteriorating due to the overuse of text messages in communicating, and this is one of the biggest problems facing people with computer addiction.

When you are with someone else and your phone is ringing, lock or ignore your phone; Having a phone call while conversing with others represents the pinnacle of lack of etiquette.

2. Choosing real rather than virtual experiences:

Choose to play real-life experiences rather than virtual ones, search for information between books instead of searching for it online, join a team or chess club instead of playing video games, and go out and directly follow the entertaining presenters instead of following them online.

You may be impressed by the simplicity and efficiency of using a mobile phone to get all the tasks done, but that will not provide you with the best and most beneficial experiences.

Replacing virtual experiences with realities enhances physical and mental health and reduces addictive behavior patterns; You may also find that the real world is more vibrant, with many diverse aspects, and more enjoyable than the virtual world.

3. Leave the bedroom to sleep:

Leaving the bedroom – which plays a key role in establishing good sleep habits – to sleep and placing your cell phone in another room does not just enhance your ability to get a good night’s sleep. Rather, it reduces the possibility of messages and phone calls infringing on rest time. This also avoids you using the mobile phone to send text messages, follow social networking sites, and similar habits that harm your sleep habits in particular, and your health in general.

4. Estimate leisure time:

One of the reasons for our reliance on cell phones is that it is very easy to get them out of our pockets whenever we have free time during the day, and among the unfortunate consequences of that: the feeling that you are wasting time whenever you stop checking e-mails while busy with other activities; But leisure time is important so that you feel comfortable while sitting alone, and it is considered so for your entire existence. This is because it plays an important role in maintaining mental health. Meditation is also beneficial at times like these.

5. Establish specific controls:

Establish controls that determine when and when you should not use a mobile phone; Instead of automatically thinking about catching him at every moment. Put the phone out of your reach when you really need to focus your attention on some other matter; You can always answer calls and emails at a later time.


More and more psychologists nowadays classify addiction to mobile phone use within the list of mental disorders, not to mention that this type of addiction contributes to poor productivity and distraction during study or work.

Following the five tips mentioned above will help you get rid of this addiction and avoid its consequences from failing at the professional or academic level.

5 Tips To Get Rid of Mobile Phone Addiction – Mobile Impacts on Life


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