6 Gmail Tools For Cleaner Inbox and More Productive Messages

6 Gmail Tools For Cleaner Inbox and More Productive Messages


Are you strive when you use your Gmail?

There are some web applications and free extensions that take care of the faults and bugs in Gmail and help you regulation the incoming mail flowing to you.

The most familiar problem with “Gmail” is the loaded inbox, which may be confusing at times, but you can solve this problem using these tools that we will explain to you in this article. But you’ll also find some neat ideas like filtering long threaded emails and a new way to do direct replies. As always, these add-ons work better with Google Chrome or other Chromium-based browsers such as Brave, for example.

1. ZenMail, Check and Sort new senders for a clean inbox:

People love the new email service “Hey” for how to make their inbox clean and neat. ZenMail offers one of the main features in Hey Mail and allows it to be added to Gmail: This feature is the Screener tool.

When you use this feature, all incoming emails from a “new sender” or “unknown sender” will go to the scanner automatically. There, you need to decide what to do with it by assigning it to one of four types, which will then apply to all future messages from that sender:

Inbox: Move the message to the inbox.
“Ignore / Skip”: Automatically Archive The Message and then Delete it.

In fact, ZenMail applies to refine and labels to Gmail emails to manage all of this. But by applying the Screener-tool even once a day, you’ll see your inbox look neater, clean, and well-kept.

The developer of ZenMail suggests sending every email to the Screener at once when you want to arrange them all out. Use Gmail’s built-in transfer feature to achieve this. It will take some getting used to, but ultimately the peace of mind is worth it.

Download: ZenMail for Chrome | Firefox (Free)
2. Unsub, in One, Go to Mass NewsLetters, Privately:

Newsletters clogging your inbox? You must have entered your email while registering somewhere, and you must now face the constant onslaught of daily or weekly newsletters. Gmail doesn’t allow you to unsubscribe from these messages in bulk at once, but this useful extension for Chrome will do that.

Unsub adds an Unsubscribe button to the top of inbox. Select multiple messages – just as you would when you want to delete them – then click the “Unsubscribe” button. Within a few minutes, Unsub will have erased all current and past newsletters from your email.

In fact, Unsub does not actually unsubscribe from these messages, but instead creates a filter that automatically labels these emails and archives them from among email addresses. This way, the classification added to messages allows you to search for them at any time as well, and then delete them all at once.

Many other unsubscribe tools have a dubious track record when it comes to privacy and security, with some even claiming to sell your data. Unsub runs entirely on your computer, and no data is sent to their server.

6 Gmail Tools For Cleaner Inbox and More Productive Messages

Download: Unsub for Chrome (Free)
3. “Flybox”, Browse Through “Gmail” as You Browse Through the Means of Communication:

We are all used to social media feeds for apps like Twitter and Facebook, where we go from one post to another perpendicular to the screen. Flybox gives Gmail a similar look to social networks so that you can browse it like social networks.

Each email appears as a card. The subject is written in big bold letters, and the sender is highlighted below, and you’ll get a short preview of the body text, but it’s a larger preview than the default Gmail view, so you will likely know what this message really is by taking a look at this preview.

You can start any message to mark it as an actionable item, which you can check later in the Starred view. You can also delay emails so that they disappear for now and reappear in your inbox at a later time. Click any card to see the full email, with options to reply, forward, archive, or name. There is also a window to quickly compose and send messages.

4. Re: Format, Smarter and Easier “Reply Quote” for Embedded Responses:

Re: format is a new way for responses included in Gmail that make them easier and better-looking. When you reply to someone in a detailed way, you no longer want to expand and write in your old email.

After installing Re: format, just press the “Reply” button, highlight any text from the old email (in the normal mail reading view) at the top, and then click the “Quote Reply” button. Located in the editing bar in the reply to the message window. The highlighted text will be added in your reply in an elegant format with a distinctive color background.

This work looks more professional than the regular inline responses feature in Gmail, and it’s easier because you can highlight only the part you want to reply to, instead of quoting entire paragraphs.

Download: Re: format for Google Chrome (Free)
5. Thrdzz, Make Gmail Chats Easier to Read and Filter:

Gmail has adopted the principle of threaded emails to track conversations via e-mail. Today, you’ll often find chains of responses on important topics. These responses consist of double, triple, or even more trips, as colleagues exchange emails back and forth. Thrdzz wants to help you sort and filter these mixed topics.

Thrdzz adds a timeline, from the first day of your email to now, to enable you to see only messages from a certain date. It also creates a filter for each participant in these messages, so if you only want to see messages from a specific person (your boss, for example, and not from your colleagues), it only takes one click. This correlation between the date and the group of participants can also be used to find out when someone has been added to the conversation.

If you often struggle to find important information in large response threads in your email, or if your office tends to collaborate with everyone by email, then Thrdzz is a must.

Download: Thrdzz for Google Chrome (Free)
6. Say Less, Write Shorter and More Effective Messages With Artificial Intelligence Suggestions:

Most emails can and should be shorter. Like any communication, if you can make your point of view clear by taking a little time and energy from the recipient, that would be more effective. Say Less uses artificial intelligence to help you shorten and shorten what you are about to send.

Install Say Less and create an email as you normally would. Before submitting, tap the black bar containing the word count. Then select the paragraphs you want to reduce their size, and “Say Less” will work. This feature is a branch of the same AI technology that Facebook uses to summarize articles.

The results will show you a comparison of the text before and after editing. Often, “Say Less” removes entire sentences or paragraphs that are considered redundant. Otherwise, it shortens complex sentences down to the simplest. Say Less’s results aren’t always accurate, so use his suggestions as a platform to build on, rather than sending them as-is.

Download: Say Less for Google Chrome (Free).

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