How it is Good for an Employer and Employee Remote Working

How it is Good for an Employer and Employee Remote Working

For many 21st century employees, “going to work” means: getting out of bed, sitting behind the kitchen table, and then turning on a laptop; They do not care about travel, not even uniforms, gossip, and side conversations in the office. This is the essence of work in our century.

The idea of ​​allowing employees to work from outside the workplace in companies has met with great acceptance in all parts of the United States of America, according to the service (FlexJobs) for remote work, whose function is to connect remote workers with employers.

So far, this is only the beginning, as a recent study by Owl Labs predicts that by 2025, half of the American workforce will work remotely, even partially every week, as it expects 42% of this workforce – who currently work remotely. – Increase the amount of work that they do remotely over the next five years.

In an economy in which workers on demand – freelancers, contractors, self-employed, and the like – make up the fastest growing share of the workforce, unconventional work space arrangements have become routine.

Otherwise, a group of leading companies in various fields welcomed the concept of remote work, and some experts emphasized that by the end of the current year, 19% of the workforce will be temporary workers (without job insurance, part-time, salary is a percentage of production).

In any case, these expectations were before the possibility of the spread of the global epidemic (the emerging corona virus) and the increase in the proportion of remote work, which was expected to follow a smooth path during the spread of the new virus that threatens the lives of millions of people around the world, and causes schools to close and immobilize Traffic, transportation and work facilities; Where it is possible for the infection to spread and be transmitted from one person to another in these gatherings.

The closure of municipalities and quarantine for weeks – whether it was a voluntary order or by decree – became the supposed and natural reaction of officials in Asia, Europe and the Middle East as a whole, as healthy people were instructed to adhere to the obligation in homes so that the virus would not be transmitted to them or cause them to transmit it, and hospitals were prepared. ; Nevertheless, the need for continued economic production remains urgent.

At the same time, the basic building block for working remotely from home is available, from computer and network vacancies to mobile phones and personal computers. And all of them are linked to each other by a factor that provides the communication service.

Katte Lister, president of Global Workplace Analytics, says: “What these uses explain to companies: First: that tasks can be accomplished remotely, second: The adaptation of workers to the nature of work from home has made change easy.”

This experience showed that remote work has benefited both employees and managers in several aspects, including:

Telework Benefits:

The employee saves the employer roughly $ 10,000 a year in workplace expenses etc.
Managers benefit from the talents and capabilities of their workers, regardless of where they are located; While the diversity of their geography – which is one of the pillars of the company’s progress – increases.
The morale of the employees increases due to the exchange of roles and the rotation among them, and the percentage of absence from work decreases; They are also engaging in the work environment more and more, even while working from home and part-time.
One of the employees’ priorities is flexible scheduling, and this is what remote work promotes.
Remote workers always achieve high production rates.
Telework allows for the participation of many groups in the work, such as: those who suffer from chronic diseases, and those with special needs.

From eternity until the end of the nineteenth century; Much work has been done from the house, or a short distance from it. Of course, that was before the era of electronics and modern means of communication, but the idea of ​​remote work had been established for it, and the Corona epidemic today has had a great hand in its revival.

How it is Good for an Employer and Employee Remote Working


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