How to Create PayPal Account in Pakistan 2021

How to Create a PayPal Verified Account 2021?

There is a lot of question always search regarding PayPal on the internet all day. Here is we provide a maximum answer to your question. Today we have solved one of the biggest mysterious questions how to create PayPal verified account with a cash application credit card In Pakistan. This question was asked for many years but no one answer it completely our teammates solved this query and find the best and easy answer for you.

How to create a Paypal Account in Pakistan?

  • First, you need to use VPN and proxied your computer to Uk, USA IP address. You can use betternet VPN or any other VPN (If you want to download free betternet VPN Click Here)
  • Now you need to open LD player to complete further process.
  • (What is LD Player) LD player is an android player that is used to run the android application through your PC. (You can Download LDplayer)
  • Here is a cash app android application that you can easily download and install from your play store
  • Go to the application setting and click the Clear Data option to clear the previous data of the application which is necessary before any other PayPal creation.
  • Now Just open the cash app and also open google voice.


What is google voice and how to create a google voice account?

  • Google voice is a google audio call service. They provide a number at cheap prices to call anywhere in the USA.
  • You need to copy your google voice number and paste it into asap or click next.
  • You will get a six-digit code on google voice inbox to your active cashapp account.
  • You need to copy the code and paste it into cashapp or click next
  • You will get a popup “Link A Bank Using Debit Card” You need to skip it

Your cashapp account is created successfully.

  • Relaunch your app now.
  • Select get free cash card option.
  • Choose your favorite card and order it.
  • Next change the address of your card delivery
  • Then enter your provided name, DOB, And Social Security number (SSN)
  • Next Page you get continue button press it to do your process.
  • After completing your will get your VISA card with detail on your screen.
  • You should save your card data (Card Number, Expiry, and CVV number) in text file or take a screenshot.

Signup for PayPal Account.

Go to to signup for a new account.

  • Click on the signup button check for personal and press next
  • Put mobile number which you have already used in google voice or use in visa card signup
  • Press next you will get a 6-digit code from PayPal.
  • Put your code and your number will be verified
  • Next put your provided e-mail, First or last name.
  • Choose a password and confirmed it.
  • Press next and put your address that we have already used.
  • Select the privacy policy box and press the Agree and create account button.
  • No go to your e-mail and verify your account by selecting verify email.
  • Next sign in to your PayPal account.
  • It will ask you to link your VISA card.
  • Put all VISA card detail (Number, Exp Date, CVV) and Link your card.
  • Click Go to my account
  • You have done it Successfully.



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