Is Pixel 6 Going To Beat iPhone 13? It Is!

Pixel 6 Can Beat iPhone In 2021 If It Has Three Features

When it comes to phones, Apple and Google turn out to be strong competitors for each other. The latest phones that Apple and Google are going to introduce in 2021 are iPhone13 and Pixel 6 respectively. It seems that now Google is trying its best to beat iPhone 13 and the tech experts are also expecting this. However, the experts’ opinion says that Google has to make certain improvements in the Pixel 6 to beat iPhone 13 and make Pixel 6 the best phone of the year 2021.

What Are The Few Things That Google Needs To Address Regarding Pixel 6?

Whether or not the Google has potential to address the new features, there are very high expectations associated with Google’s phone. From the current level of technical advancement, it is obvious that Google can address the new features excellently.

Google should offer a more powerful and stronger chipset, and focus on the small optimizations, it can perform better than iPhone 13. Another important thing that Google must consider if it wants to excel in the Apple Phones is the feature of biometric verification. It is no secret that the biometric verification system of the iPhone is very strong and considerable improvement will also be observed in the latest phone.

Remember that Google shipped the Pixel 4 with face unlock features while Pixel 5 came up with a very strong fingerprint sensor. So it seems quite obvious that it must have something unique to offer for the latest version iPhone 6. The simple solution to this problem can be that now Google should give the users to choose between the two authentication processes. The presence of both Face Unlock features as well as Fingerprint Options will make the Pixel 6 a unique phone that will hit the viewers right off the bat.

A Golden Opportunity For Google

As we know that Apple has announced the arrival of the iPhone 13 in a few months, so it is a golden chance for Google to improve the features and make its new phone better than the Apple product. However, despite the discussion and predictions of the experts, it is hard to say that whether or not Google will follow the instructions.

It is also a fact that the popularity of the iPhone 13 is much greater and people unknowingly support it more than Google. In other words, Apple is enjoying much more brand recognition as compared to Google and is actively enjoying the better reputation of their phones. 

These are the few reasons that are keeping the Pixel 6 behind the iPhone 13 but still, there is a very hopeful discussion about it among the experts. They are seeing the bright future of Google products as well, because till now, Gooogle has gained popularity for all of its products. The introduction of Pixel 6 seems no longer an exception.

The Bottom Line

Have you heard of the launch of the new phones? It seems 2021 is going to rock because both of the companies are trying their best to bring the perfect products to the market. However, Apple iPhones have an edge as people already know much about them and are anxiously waiting for the new version.




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