The most important piece of advice you’ll ever need to improve your productivity  

The most important piece of advice you’ll ever need to improve your productivity

The most important piece of advice you’ll ever need to improve your productivity: Lora Marshal has a healthy habit to wake up every morning and start writing right away and explain his daily life routine by saying: “When I wrote a story of a book, I always write every morning as soon as possible, and with the onset of shiny sunrise. Becomes warm while typing. ”

Lora’s routine along with the thousands of creative authors, artists, and others featured in Daily routine. How expert artists Work, an audio-book by Mason Currey – points to the most productive approach for getting things done daily. In areas that most interest you.

Come Let’s talk about the one productivity edge you’ll ever wish, why it works, and what manage us from using it consistently.

Simplified productivity:

There is no need to inhabit on this matter, as this advice on productivity is straightforward: Do the most necessary thing first every day start. Although it sounds simple, nobody does like this.

And just like Lora Marshal who has composed large numbers of high-quality works throughout his career, you can make unbelievable progress every day if you simply do the important things first in a day.

Why is this method effective?

We often estimate that productivity means getting extra tasks done each day. This is a very wrong concept of the plan. Because productivity is getting the most essential tasks and complete it consistently. Aside from the other things you work on, there are some absolutely important things.

Being a productive is about maintaining a steady and regular speed in some matters, not top speed in everything. For this reason, this planning is effective. If you do the most essential procedure first every day, you will always be able to achieve something important. We don’t know what it looks like to you, but for many people, this posture a dilemma. You find them spending many hours completing the task and exercises that occupy the 4th, 5th, and sixth places on the importance chart, and not being able to do the most important thing first.

As you will see below down, there is no precise reason why you should apply this planning in the morning, but starting your day with the most essential work provides some extra benefits for other times:

Self-discipline is highest in the early times of the day. This means that you will be able to implement your best powerful energy and effort for your most essential work.
The extra time in the day has passed, the more likely it is that accidental tasks will creep into your schedule, and the less likely it is that you will settle your time as you planned. So prioritizing the essential and important things every day helps avoid this.
The human mind seems to hate unfinished projects. This is because it creates pending tension and internal stress. So start meaningful tasks as soon as possible (just another logic why starting a job is more important than being successful at it).

Why don’t we do what we want?

Most people settle most of their time working on someone else’s agenda, other than their own. We think this is slightly a result of how we were brought up by society; At school, we are assigned homework and we are told when to pick up our exams. At work, our work schedules are settled by our administrators; And at home, we have tasks or routine work to do to take care of our children and our loved ones.

After a few decades of this, it may become much easy to settle our day just interacting with the stimuli around us and learning to take some action in response to someone else’s assumption, commands, or needs.

So, of course, when it comes time to outset our day, it doesn’t seem shocking that we open our inbox, check our phone, and look for the most recent commands we have to follow. This is a critical mistake.

Although the work assigned to us by others may be urgent or quick, what is urgent is infrequently important. The important tasks in our lives are those that move our ambitions and hopes, dreams, creativity, and actions forward.

Does this mean that we should avoid our responsibilities as parents or employees? No, but we all need some extra time and a place in our days to follow our own requirements. not agendas imposed on us by more other people.


Muhammad Bahaudin is much cooperative and experienced person working since 2014 in the digital world. His inventive ideas boost the company in all in the developers or service producers world.

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