Top 5 Ways to Make Your iPhone More Safe

Top 5 Ways to Make Your iPhone More Safe: The security of your iPhone plays an important role in protecting your personal and business life. Although iPhone phones are more secure than their Android counterparts, there are basic safety tips that you need to follow with the iPhone.

Conventional security protocols for electronic devices may include: antivirus software, data encryption tools, or the use of methods to lock applications and data; But when it comes to your iPhone, physical phone theft is probably the most realistic risk. There are a lot of things you can do to make sure your iPhone is safe from thieves, or if it gets stolen, it won’t cause you trouble.

Theft is a major concern when it comes to iPhone security, but there are other things you should be concerned about as well. Every iOS user should follow these security tips, regardless if you use an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, and even if you don’t have The latest version of the iOS operating system.
Tips to prevent iPhone theft:

The iPhone is one of the most expensive types of phones in the world, and given that, there are many tips that you can use to make sure your iPhone is not stolen:

Never leave the phone unattended or in an open location in your car when you are away from it.
Get rid of Apple’s wired earphones: White branded Apple earphones are a known indication that the headphone cord stuck in your bag is connected to an iPhone inside the bag. Try using a different set of headphones other than the well-known Apple earphones when you are in a public place.
Do not use belt clips to hang your phone: Belt clips are not great for keeping your iPhone safe, especially in crowded public places. Since your phone is exposed to your body and the belt clip may be easy to remove, keep clips at home.
Be aware of your surroundings: When you focus on your phone screen instead of focusing on what is happening around you, you put yourself in an inappropriate situation, and thieves have more control over accessing your phone and stealing it from you and running away. If you are going to keep your eyes on the screen of your iPhone (or you will be out in the real world for a period of time with your earphones, open your eyes from time to time and look around, because thieves are present in all places and they are waiting for the right moment to attack and then escape.

Top 5 Ways to Make Your iPhone More Safe

1. Create a passcode for iPhone:

Locking your phone and just keeping the passcode with you would be ideal, and the best thing that you can do in this regard is to set up a phone passcode. If your iPhone is stolen, the thief needs to know the password before he can access it. It is known that modern iPhones are among the most secure phones in the world, and it is almost impossible to unlock an iPhone without the help of the original company Apple.

You can set a passcode remotely even after your phone is stolen, using the “Find My” application on all Apple devices, but it is better to implement this security measure early.

2. Use the Touch ID fingerprint or Face ID fingerprint on the iPhone:

If your device uses the fingerprint technology from Apple, known as “Touch ID”, you must use this technology. The same applies to Apple’s Face ID technology known as Face ID.

Touch ID technology is available on the iPhone 5s version announced in 2013, all the way to the iPhone 8 (iPhone 8) and iPhone 8 Plus version announced on General (2017). While the Face ID technology is available starting from the iPhone X announced in 2017 and later phones.

Requesting your fingerprint (Touch ID) or scanning face ID (Face ID) to unlock your iPhone (iPhone) is stronger security than a passcode that you might forget or guess with a computer with sufficient time and tools.

3. Enable the “Find My” service on the iPhone device:

If your iPhone was stolen, “Find My” might be one way to get it back. This free service, which you can access via iCloud, uses the geolocation feature (GPS) built into your phone to locate it on the map so that you (or the authorities) can track it. It’s a great tool to find lost devices, too.
. Control the privacy settings of the iPhone (iPhone):

Controlling the privacy and security of your secret data is as meaningful as the physical security of your mobile device. Now these days, there are many more threats to data than ever before, which includes threats posed by mobile apps installed on the mobile device. The operating system of the Apple phone (iOS) contains energetic privacy and safety controls.

4. Do not “jailbreak” the iPhone device:

Many people defend the idea of ​​jailbreaking the iPhone because it allows you to customize the iPhone in ways that are not officially approved by Apple, such as installing applications that have been rejected from the App Store. AppStore), and download paid apps for free. However, if you want your iPhone to be as secure as possible, stay away from jailbreaking.

Top 5 Ways to Make Your iPhone More Safe.


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